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The Woodworking Artist

chrisI began my woodworking by making and selling wooden boomerangs in 1981 as an art student at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. Choosing the name Windwood to describe what I did “I made wood sail on the wind.” After gaining my degree in Fine Arts as a sculptor and animated film maker I started what would be an eight year career as a custom picture framer.

The shop I settled into had every woodworking tool I could think of available and I learned to use them all skillfully within a few years. I worked with a master finisher at the time who became my mentor teaching me skills, integrity and ingenuity in working with wood. After 7 great years at the same job I began to get restless and looked back at my art and sculpture education to inspire my next endeavor, “Windwood Enterprises,” a custom woodworking studio.

I designed and built unique mirror frames, sculpture and custom built furniture. Eventually I expanded my capabilities by purchasing a CNC or computer controlled router system. This opened up many new avenues for me and although I intended to use the new equipment for artistic endeavors, necessity called for it to be used in more practical applications. After 5 years of mundane commercial woodworking (with the occasional custom handcrafted furniture piece to keep me motivated), I decided it was time to get back to my roots as an artist.

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